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Hasta luego Los Roques!

Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!! How did that happen? How can it already be the end of our vacation? It has been so wonderful, every minute of it.  Even the weather has treated us like guests of honor.  We had nothing more then a couple of 2 minutes showers throughout our scorching hot vacation.  The other great thing about the sun sticking around is that it meant warm showers at the end of each day.  Our last days in Los Roques last year were dampened by cold showers sponsored by BBB, Big Blue Bucket, the good old sun powered water tank on top of the posada.  This year, it was nice and warm everyday.  Although, the shower pressure was so weak, you could literally see drops falling off the shower head instead of a constant water flow.  Makes for long showers when you have sand from your ear canal all the way down to under your pinky toe nail!
So in a nutshell, here's what happened in our last vacation days.
Wednesday was another gorgeous day at Franciski island by the natural pool.  We saw a few more barracudas, one of them so big he even creeped  David out.  We were just snorkeling, admiring a foot long blue round fish using his dorsal and belly fins to swim which made him look like he was gracefully soaring through the water instead of swimming like all the others.  Next thing you know, huuuuge bully barracuda with evil eyes and jagged pointed teeth just flies right by us to go attack the fish we were just admiring.  Freaky.  Really.  Freaky.  Like he was showing us this was his turf.  My lunch money is yours big bully - now go on with your bad self.  Not dangerous unless provoked they say... Pff...
(we have a video to share with you here but there's a problem with the website. We'll try again tomorrow)
Although I didn't get chewed to pieces by barracudas, I was completely devoured by Mosquitos and pouri-pouri.  While David's final count was 5 bites, I stopped counting at 40.  After that number you need to bathe in a tub of after-bite to get any kind of relief.  If only I could win a prize after all that scratching. 
Thursday, we had an hour boat ride to Boca de Cote for a bit of snorkeling right off the boat by the coral wall.  No more shark seeing but we did see a cousin Ray.  Sting Ray.  The tail was pretty short and he was only 2 1/2 - 3 feet wide, might have been a young one.  He was just laying at the bottom motionless (probably playing our starfish/sea urchin game). 
After snorkeling, we went to Pelona de Rabuski.  A Laguna with hundreds of dinner plate size starfish in water as clear as what you drink. Another of Los Roques' secret little havens.  
After the Laguna, the boat dropped us back at Craski Island where we walked along the beach to find some treasures the sea handed to us.
Friday, we went back to Noronski with very high hopes of having another go at swimming with a turtle.  Instead, as we were arriving at the island in our boat, we came across 2 people swimming desperately to shore.  Why in such a rush you ask? I guess they discovered the first swimsuit eating sea creature as we saw 2 glowing white derrieres running on the beach to cover themselves.  
We were in the water snorkeling as many times as we could that day desperately looking for our tortuga.  No luck :( none of them were out to play.  BUT we saw 2 curious squids and one beautiful file fish.  I'm not sure why he is called a file fish as he looks more like a unicorn with a little horn sticking up between his eyes.  But then again, I get why you would call a colorful fish a parrot fish but calling a similar one a slippery dick...  Not sure who decided on that one.  I guess that's much worse then file fish...
(we have a video to share with you here but there's a problem with the website. We'll try again tomorrow)
Dinner was delicious as usual and the wine was a-flowing and the rum was as well.  
We went to say goodbye to our favorite bar tender from Bora la Mar who let us sit in his staff area to watch the Super Bowl with him - there're not many tv's on the island; then walked around for our last night in the downtown square where some kind of amateur show was bringing the place to life.  After a last attempt to drown our sorrows in a glass of sambuca, we went back to our room for our last Z's in paradise.
Saturday was our last day in Los Roques.  Half a day at Franciski to personally say farewell to our thousands of fish friends and up in the Venezuelan sky we went direction Caracas where a driver was waiting for us to take us to our hotel for the night.  I'd love to say we explored the city but Caracas is not the safest place to hang out at night so we stayed at the hotel for our anniversary dinner.  :)
Now on our way back to Boston through Houston, nostalgia has settled in,  tans are already fading, no more sand is left in our bum cracks (David is singing the sandy bum-crack song to me as I write those lines).  Now time to look at possibilities for next year.  African safari? Over the water hut in Bora-Bora? Or does anyone have a better destination to recommend?  :)

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