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Days 2 and 3 in Los Roques

Sunday...Slept like babies , ate like pigs.  Now time to go swim like fish.  The posada staff had our cooler bursting with fresh food, snacks & beverages and loaded in the boat along with our umbrella, beach chairs and snorkeling gear. A 20 minute boat ride took us to Craski island for the day.  
While one of us cracked open a brewsky, the other one started exploring our island.   During his exploration, David.... Yeah right, like i could fool you ;) During my exploration, I realized just how much of beach bums we were on our last trip to Los Roques as we failed to see a huge portion of the island.  Pass the 14 umbrellas populating our beach, I realized a 15 minute walk takes you to a completely deserted side of the island.  Turned back around to get David and share this new found haven with my man.  
Funny how a heavenly place like Los Roques changes you.  Us seeing a star fish or beautiful shell on the beach a couple of years back:"Score!!! Let's take it home for a souvenir!" Now:"oh no!! Is it still alive? Quick put it back in the water!" By the end of the day, we had saved 3 starfish, 6 sea urchins and a hand full of minnows .  I know, we're amazing!  PETA's should be sending our humanitarian award any day now. Our snorkeling attempt was surprisingly mediocre.  Water was murky and fish were anti-sociable.  Funny how exciting and filled with colorful surprise snorkeling is but at the same time it's a little eery not knowing what can pop up right in your face.  And let's say that hearing yourself breath like Darth Vader doesn't help with the creepiness factor.
After a delicious dinner of local cuisine followed by a creme caramel that made everyone's eyes roll to the ceiling in delight; we were out for the count.  A full day chilling at the beach is exhausting... but someone's gotta do it ;)
Monday...today was Noronkys, the island where we swam with our turtle buddy last year.  Another breath taking island with a lot of coral patches scattered in front of a huge drop off about a football field away from the shore.  What that means is that its a great place for turtles to hang out but also a favorite of the big Scary fish who shall not be named.  
We had more success on our second day of snorkling.  We saw plenty of nice size fish, mostly blue tangs and parrot fish.  
David was not as lucky in his attempt to catch our dinner for tonight.  Which ironically made me happy as I prefer seeing fish swimming next to me rather then desperately trying to catch their breath, flip flopping like bacon on a hot skillet, with a nasty looking hook in their mouth.
Tomorrow is the beginning of the open water part of our diving certification.  Excited? Very! Nervous? Yup, that too!!

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