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Diving In Los Paradise

Los Roques day 4 & 5

Tuesday, D Day.  Diving day that is.  Ok so here's the irony.  I've been spending every summer day of my life swimming in our pool.  When my bestie was still splashing around with her arm floaties, I was diving and snorkeling circles around her (we have home videos to prove it, right Annie? ;) ).  Now my beloved husband.  The man wouldn't even be comfortable jumping in a pool with me when we started dating.  He just never had learned to swim and was really nervous in the water.  Fast Forward a few years and I'm the one apprehensive about the shallow water course while David is as cool as a sea cucumber.
 A 20 minute crash course in shallow water and we're off to our dive down 36 feet.  Once we got a glimpse of the submerged world, all the worries floated to the surface and was replaced by exhilaration.  You know those dreams you have of being able to fly?  Part of your brain knows at first that it's not normal so you float up and down and bounce all around.. Well David was a little like that.  Buoyancy in diving - which is pretty much the art of staying at the correct water level while you dive - was no picnic for David.  The poor guy was up and down like an elevator in a busy hotel...  Never the less, we both still had a great time and were pretty excited to see all kind of pretty fish up from the first floor to the roof top. ;)  The only disappointing thing about it all was that the water was murky again.  Picture watching Finding Nemo on a tv set with rabbit ears.  Not quite as great as on an HD plasma tv...
The diving boat then dropped us off at Fransciski.  This was one of our favorite islands last year because of the piscina natural which is a big natural pool that has a shallow and deep end divided by a coral wall.  The pool is filled with thousands and thousands of tropical fish.  We saw more and prettier fish there then in our dive as the water was much clearer.
You know how too much of good thing can spoil a beach party? The boats usually pick us up between 4:30 and 5:00 to take us back to the posada.  Not today.  5:50.  Last people on the island? 2 concerned canadians.  As the sun was quickly going down we realized that we'd need to establish camp for the night but shortly after the posada boat came speeding over the horizon.  Phew!! That would have sucked!! Silver lining? We got treated to a beautiful sunset from the boat :)
 Wednesday- Best day evaahhhh!! We went for 2 dives to Boca de Cote which is a protected section of the national park and therefore only a few lucky divers are aloud around.  To add to the greatness of the day, our dive master was Pablo who literally is the father of diving in Colombia!  A few minutes with his coaching and David was relieved of his elevator duties and we were both gliding around the underwater world.
I'm just sitting here trying to find a way to describe how amazing the dives were but nothing I can say or show you would give it justice.  It was like swimming in a huge aquarium with stunning sea creatures freestyling next to us or playing hide and seek.  So many curious little fishies turning around to take a second look atwhat they would consider double tailed bubble making giant fish.  
Unbelievable!! If you could only see us right now.  Perma-smiles.  We could babble on and on and on about the dives but it's one of those "ya had to be there" moments to understand just how amazing it was!!  Marie-Eve, you were absolutely right.  We are totally hooked now (no pun intended) ;)
As we were both thinking this day couldn't get any better, the dive boat dropped us off at Craski for the remainder of the day, except this time, they had put our umbrella on the deserted side of the island!!  Life just can't get a whole lot better then this let me tell ya!! Wish you we here!! :)

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