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Thursday... We did it!! We're officially certified divers!! :) :)
This morning was our final test 30 feet underwater. Can't say it was done without stress.  In fact, I'm still not sure if I was shivering from cold or terror.  Scuba diving itself is extremely relaxing.  Everything is done in slow motion and your surroundings are so fascinating, you forget about everything else.  Now when you are submerged and need to remove your regulator  (i.e. the breathing thingamagig), drop it, find it again and put it back in your mouth without forgetting to continuously blow bubbles to avoid having your lungs explode while you are also aware that if you panic and start bolting up to the surface,  nasty little nitrogen bubbles can do a number on you!! That's all a tad unnerving.  We had to do a few more safety related exercises which all went really smooth. The good thing about doing your diving certification on a tropical island is that they don't make you stay in the shallow water for long, no time to lose, just as much time as possible to enjoy the real thing. The bad thing about doing your certification on an island is that they don't make you stay in the shallow water for long, so no time to practice the basic skills before they take you to the deep end. 
Of course we had no camera since it was the test so no proof that we saw some cool fish again.  An octopus, a toadfish, 3 huuuge bright blue parrotfish, another spotted moray eel, 3 trumpet fish of all different colors and of course thousands of other fish all out to celebrate our certification.
After our dive, we came back to the posada for a couple of hours before we went to madriski where we saw a creature who we can only be described as the slug version of Shrek.
We also played a bit with some conch shells to show you what their renters look like.
On Friday, we went to 3 different islands.  First, Cayo de Agua.  The beautiful island about 45 minutes boat ride away with 2 beaches back to back.  Then off to Caranero and Espanki.  Because an image is worth a thousand words, here's about 5000 for you.

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