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Beach bums and Shark!!!!

Saturday... Today, we decided to play "creature of the sea". David decided to play the role of a starfish and I opted for being a sea urchin.  As you can imagine, we did a whole lot of nothing.  It was a bit of a vacation from our vacation.  We went back to Craski island on the deserted side but this time we brought along most of the guests from the posada who all gladly played our stimulating game. ;)  Everyone at the posada is Italian except for a couple from Argentina.  Most of them speak absolutely no French or English but that sure doesn't mean we can't all have some fun...
Sunday... Today, we were psyched to go back to Cayo Fabian which we loved last year. It's a very small sand bank and since there is not too much space on the island to welcome lots of tourists at one time, it can't get too crowded.
 Or at least that's what we thought.  This year, In addition to getting half devoured by the hungry sea,  it has become Kite surfing central.  We arrived to a deserted and peaceful island and after 2 hours the wind had picked up and brought along 12 kites racing all around the island making it pretty much impossible for the rest of us to go anywhere in the water without feeling like we were playing a live version of frogger. When the boat came back at 1:00 to pick up some guests leaving for the airport, everyone from the posada jumped in the boat and came back to the main island.  While some people went back out to another island, we decided to stay at the posada to, get this: have a nap.  The life of a beach bum is so darn tiring.  Besides, what's vacation without at least one afternoon siesta in a hammock? 
Of course this wouldn't be vacation for the Rattrays without a few absurdities.  On top of having invented a few songs about badonkadonks, one about sandy bum cracks; having special code faces for baracudas and blowfish and developing an emergency boobcasting system (that's in case my bikini top fails to do its job) I gave us the running gag of our vacation when I woke up from my nap today.  Don't ask me where it came from but as I opened my eyes I said with gusto: Taaa-daaaa!!!!  David looked at me kinda strange but without missing a beat said:"And that would make you the magician or the bunny?"   Needless to say he hasn't stop "ta-da'ing" everything I did since then.
Monday... Last week of vacation has officially started :( To start the beginning of the end nicely, we went to Caranero island for the day.  It was another relaxing day at the beach with a few snorkeling breaks at the back of the island next to a wall of coral.  We saw a really big porcupine fish hiding in a mini cave under a rock.  His face was about as big as ours and his eyes even wider.  He was so beautiful yet freaky looking.  It's almost like looking at a japanese anime caricature of a fish. The picture doesn't reveal much of him and what we didn't realize is that he is part of the blow fish family.  When molested, the cute cartoony creature changes into a spiny balloon!! :)  
Oh!! And we saw our first barracudaS of the year today also.  2 pretty good size ones.  I know they won't attack unless provoked but jeepers creepers they have that unnerving habit of following you around and it freaks me out! Of course David was swimming right at them taking pictures like a paparazzi.  And coincidentally, guess what we had for dinner?? Ta-da!!! Fried Barracuda!  Revenge is crispy and delicious! 
Tuesday!! 2 more dives, a few thousand more fish AND our first shark!!!! A sleeping 6 foot nurse shark that is. I grant you they are the most docile ones of the shark family but eh, it's still a shark.  And it was BEAUTIFUL!! Who would have thunk we would both be so thrilled by being arms length away from a 6 foot shark?? Coolest diving day ever!!!

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